Why Have Bitcoin ATM In Your Store

Our Bitcoin Business

Renting out a space in your store for a bitcoin ATM is the easiest way to take advantage of the business.  All investments and operations are Equibytes's responsability, while your business will benefit from additional customers and rent revenue.  Equibytes will take care of the cash and bitcoin management, customer support, banking, cryptocurrency exchange, compliance, government reporting, and maintenance and technology updates.  You have zero risk.
Why Choose Equibytes?
- Established and licensed operator
- Verified compliance and reporting process including KYC and AML built into the machine
- 24/7 Customer Support
- Flexible arrangements: Full service (We own and manage) or Co-Partnership (You own – We manage)

Our Requirements

To be eligible for a bitcoin ATM placement at your premises, we require the following: Power outlet, Internet access, Space, Opening hours, Signage, Permission, Contact person.

Your Benefits

Just a quick summary of what you would expect from us by hosting a Equibytes bitcoin ATM.
We cover installation of the bitcoin ATM at no cost to your business. On a pre-agreed date, we deliver, install and set up the bitcoin ATM at your premises.
Increased Sales
Increase your monthly revenue from additional sales due to the added foot traffic the Bitcoin ATM brings in. Don't just take our word for it, read the testimonials.
Monthly Revenue
Guaranteed earnings from a fixed monthly rental fee for the space required to place the Bitcoin ATM, with the added incentive of transaction based commission.
Free Marketing
Our marketing strategy uses channels such as Social Media to take care of publicity for your premises to ensure customers know you have a Bitcoin ATM.
Equibytes Bitcoin ATMs provide consumers with the fastest way to buy & sell bitcoin.

We are looking for locations with high foot traffic and long operating hours.

Most of our bitcoin ATMs are in 24 hour locations, but we sometimes work with grocery stores and convenience stores.

How it works

Equibytes has been in the Montreal Bitcoin space for 3 years (and counting!) When you choose to host a bitcoin ATM by Equibytes, we provide a state of the art machine, manage each and every transaction, ensure the machine is functional at all times and pay you a monthly fee as a direct benefit to you, while employing our marketing tools to send as many customers to your location as possible.

Customer arrives at your store with the intention to purchase or sell bitcoin using our ATM
Using the machine, they scan their bitcoin address and insert their money and receive their bitcoin (in the safest and fastest way possible)
The customer may then choose to spend that cash or bitcoin at your location.
bitcoin atm machine on stand
bitcoin atm machine on stand