Why Does Bitcoin Matter?

These Are Bitcoin's 5 Strengths (compared to traditional money)

It isn't just a new currency.  Bitcoin is a smarter system for storing and sending money.

It's global and neutral
Bitcoin is like the Internet: everyone can use it, but no one can control it.  Transactions are validated by the worldwide majority of users, keeping everyday people and businesses safe from political and corporate manipulation.

Go farther and faster for less
Bitcoin moves across the world like an email message.  You can send any amount to any country for the same small fee.  Bank transferes can be restictive, costly and slow.

Bitcoins are not infinite
The supply is capped and publicly auditable.  When money gets printed, your savings get devalued.  Neither politicians noe counterfeiters have that power over Bitcoin.

Controlling your saving is simple
Your bitcoins are easily managed by phone or computer.  Make a quick and safe trades down to the decimal, 24é7.  With Bitcoin, you avoid the problems of storage space, transit damage, or costly middlemen.

You own the keys
No "Bitcoin Company" has backdoor access to your wallet or passwords.  You're the head of security.  Travel the world with riches stored in your mind, or lock keys away for safekeeping... or to "HODL".